The new hand cleaning basin type 20590 for a controlled hand cleaning process

With a professional hand hygiene system, you achieve effective protection against viruses, bacteria or germs. The hand cleaning basin type 20590 enables a controlled process sequence for hand hygiene. After the hands have been completely cleaned and dried, access is released via a potential-free contact, in conjunction with an Inlet Control Type 23740 (controlled hand disinfection), a portal turnstile or a door. LED lamps with icons visualise the procedure in a user-friendly way, for an easy-to-understand cleaning process.

Cleaning basin type 20590

Practical example Hygiene sluice with cleaning basin Type 20590 and Inlet Control Type 23740 for hand disinfection

• Contactless sensor-controlled process sequence
• A wide range of programmable setting options
• LED signal light for visualisation of the individual steps
• Deep basin design with deep-seated fittings
to prevent splashing, ideal for dry areas
• Turbo dryer for powerful hand drying, with optional F8 filter
• Possibility to connect time recording devices

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