Protect yourself and others – correct hand hygiene in a few steps

Mistakes are often made when washing hands and rubbing hand disinfectant into them. To ensure that everything runs smoothly in hand hygiene, we have compiled instructions for hand cleaning and hand disinfection using the standard rub-in method.
You are welcome to print out these guidelines and place them clearly visible next to your disinfectant dispensers or in your washrooms.

Guideline correct hand hygienedownload-pdf-wordpress-250x250

In hand disinfection, wetting gaps are particularly frequent errors. In this case the entire hand is not moistened with disinfectant. The necessary exposure time of the disinfectant is also often not observed.

You are best equipped with the automatic hand disinfectant dispenser type Manotizer 23704, which effectively protects against pathogens in any area. Its sensor technology is hygienic and avoids cross-contamination. Further information, benefits and features of the Manotizer:

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In addition to our automatic dosing systems, we also offer our arm lever dispenser type I1000, a manual dispensing system for the hygienic dispensing of disinfectant or liquid soaps. Further information, benefits and features of the arm lever dispenser type I1000:

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Would you like more information about our dispenser systems? We are at your disposal and look forward to your inquiry.