Boot and apron storage

Space-saving storage of boots, aprons and helmets

For optimum personal hygiene, the hygienic storage of clothing and work equipment is essential. The open and hygienic designs for the wall and/or bottom attachment ensure flawless use in daily operations. The AIR DRY boot dryer can take on between 5 and 50 pairs of boots/clogs.

A variety of fitments can be chosen from for the various application possibilities: apron hangers, apron wardrobes for storing aprons or apron hangers, apron and helmet wardrobes, hygienic wall brackets for storing boots and clogs.


Storage Air Dry boot and clog drying panel
Storage Apron hangers
Storage Numbered apron hangers
Storage Wardrobe with apron hanger
Storage Wardrobe for aprons and helmets
Storage Boot bar