Higher infection protection thanks to mobile hygiene sluices

Integrate access control into your hygiene concept. Offer visitors in public places, guests at events, employees at work and many other places the best protection against infections.

With the new mobile hygiene sluice Type Clean Guard and Type Clean Perfect, safe and effective access control can be achieved. It can be configured according to the location and individual requirements.

With the sluice Type Clean Guard, you can perform a non-contact body temperature measurement with subsequent hand disinfection, which is released by a motor-driven 3-arm turnstile, the ITEC Inlet Control Type 23740.

The additional control of the mouth and nose protection mask is made possible by the Type Clean Perfect variant.

Hygiene sluice with body temperature measurement and controlled hand disinfection with Inlet Control 23740


• Safe
• Portable
• Flexible to use
• Multiple configurable

Would you like more information on the new mobile hygiene sluices or on hygiene sluices in general? We would be happy to advise you and look forward to your enquiry.