NEW: Hand cleaning basin type 20550 Touchless – now completely touchless

The new version of the series 20550 offers all known and proven advantages, but from now on also incl. touchless dispensing of soap and disinfectant. Instead of the familiar I 1000 arm lever dispenser, the familiar sensor-controlled water fitting has been converted into a 1 liter soap or disinfectant dispenser. This ensures completely touch-free hand cleaning and disinfection with significantly shorter cycle times. A spring-loaded lid hygienically closes the 1L container on the dispenser. The dispensers are permanently installed and operated by a special control system and a reliable and durable diaphragm pump.

The industrial and robust design ensures a high moisture protection. The basin is therefore a compact finished unit with safe functionality even in production plants with high moisture development.

In the near future, the range of products will be completed with the hand cleaning troughs.

Completely contactless hand cleaning process:

1. Soap withdrawal

2. Hand cleaning

3. Hand drying

4. Hand disinfection

Design / Features:

– Robust stainless steel fittings for touch-free, sensor-controlled soap removal, water activation and disinfectant removal
– Holder for 1L storage container with spring lid for hygienic closure of the container
– Open, hygienic design for easy replacement of soap or sanitizer.
– Deep drawn stainless steel basin body without corners and edges. Easy cleaning and hygienic processing of stainless steel with generous radii.
– Aquaflow hygienic flushing to protect against germs in the existing piping system
– Incl. thermal mixing valve with built-in check valves on the cold and hot water connections and a temperature setting range of 30-70 °C, enables thermal disinfection with a water temperature of 70°C.
– Reduced water consumption due to sensor control and economy aerator
– Water follow-up time of one second ensures a minimum of switching operations and thus an extended service life of the technology
– If the sensor is damaged or deliberately covered, the water runs for max. 30 seconds
– Industrial-grade, rugged design, high IP protection

Robust stainless steel fittings with 1L storage container (soap/disinfection) incl. spring lid for hygienic closure of the container.


– Locking device
– Feet for floor mounting
– Media supply from above
– Towel dispenser with holder and wastebasket
– Hot air hand dryer
– Available with up to max. 6 cleaning stations
– Instantaneous water heater

Example: Cleaning trough type 20550-4W Touchless on feet

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