Ensuring personal hygiene in the food industry during Corona

The food industry plays a key role in securing supplies for our population and is more hygiene-sensitive than almost any other industry. COVID-19 introduces additional hygiene requirements which present new challenges for companies.

The company Sulbana has been equipping the food and beverage industry with high-quality hygiene equipment for over 35 years. With our innovative solutions, we have supported our customers in implementing the strict quality and hygiene guidelines even before the corona pandemic.

Compliance with hygiene guidelines is elementary and the health of consumers and employees has top priority. We offer individual personal hygiene solutions which can be continuously adapted to new challenges.
Innovative personnel hygiene technology

Personal hygiene technology is an indispensable component of food safety and quality and a decisive factor for success in the food industry.

With our hygiene equipment, we offer customer-oriented solutions for uncompromising personal hygiene at the production entrance and exit, gently guided and with optimum time utilisation. Tailor-made for every room situation and every hygiene requirement

• Hand cleaning and disinfection
• Cleaning and disinfection of the soles
• Hygiene stations and access control
• Cleaning and disinfection of personnel equipment
Hand hygiene during Corona is the top priority

We offer a comprehensive range of professional, energy and cost efficient hand cleaning systems.

For example a fully automatic solution with the Inlet Control Type 23740 / Inlet Control Type 23743 Twist

kontrollierte-handreinigung-automatischer-desinfektionsmittelspender-inlet-control-typ-23740-1Inlet Control
– Automatic 2-hand disinfectant dispenser
with motor-driven 3-arm turnstile made of stainless steel, which is only released after the disinfectant has been removed.
Turnstile reversible, i.e. passable in the exit direction.
– All-round hand disinfection through specially arranged nozzles
(2 nozzles per hand, top/bottom).
Closed area for the removal of disinfectant
to ensure safe hand hygiene.
– Suction lance with integrated empty signal.
– Visualisation of the access authorisation through a generous
Traffic lights (red/green).
– Passages per min: approx. 20 people
– For wall mounting or on stand
Inlet Control Twist
– Particularly ergonomic and for the user comfortable disinfectant/soap removal through individually adjustable upper housing.

Further information about controlled hand cleaning / disinfection
Shoes and soles must be cleaned and disinfected

Hygienic production is only possible with a thorough cleaning and disinfection of shoes, boots and soles.

Our systems for sole cleaning remove the dirt with robust and rotating brushes in a first step and then distribute the disinfectant. The open housing constructions and brush arrangements ensure optimum equipment hygiene. The small dimensions of the machines make them ideal for placement in narrow passages and niches. For industrial companies with a high volume of personnel our STAR CLEAN series offer an optimal solution for sole cleaning.

Solo Traditio 23821
Solo cleaner type 23820
Star Clean 23882-IV

For special requirements there are also systems with integrated sole side cleaning.

Further information about sole cleaner
Hygiene airlocks for safe production access and smooth operation

A hygiene airlock consists of a unit for cleaning and disinfecting hands and footwear as well as access control. The airlock should be adapted to the specific needs. A well-functioning airlock is adapted both to the number of users and the hygiene process that is being carried out.

Our STAR CLEAN modular hygiene station series is available in various versions and can be easily adapted to the operational requirements.
Further information about our hygiene stations
We are happy to support you in implementing your hygiene requirements. Take advantage of our many years of experience and high-quality plant technology as well as our comprehensive services.

We look forward to your enquiry.